Althea Lucrezia Avanzo

Born in the heart of Milan, Italy, Althea Lucrezia embarked on a transformative journey across the globe, honing her extraordinary talents. From South Africa, she now illuminates the world with her radiant gifts. From a tender age, Althea possessed the gift of prophecy through intuitive insight and vivid dreams. She courageously embraced her calling, turning her innate talents into a luminous career. Her mastery shines brightest in the realm of Light Language, which she channels through myriad expressions—written, drawn, sung, spoken, and signed. Althea’s prowess extends to timeline clearing, both for individuals and the collective. She’s the conduit for 5D and higher-dimensional frequencies, anchoring them within the Third/Fourth Dimensional matrix to elevate our planet’s vibration. Althea Lucrezia is the guiding light of transformation, inviting you to explore the boundless potential of your existence. Discover more about her incredible journey and profound work at:

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