Althea Lucrezia Avanzo

Hello, I am Althea Lucrezia Avanzo a Light Language Channeler, Galactic Contact, Akashic & Psychic Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Tarot & Divination Astrologer.

I was born in Milan, Italy and have travelled and worked perfecting my craft worldwide between Italy, France, India and New York before eventually settling in South Africa.

I have had psychic & intuitive insight and prophetic dreaming from a very young age and eventually decided to pursue this as a career.

My specialty is Light Language channeled in all shapes and forms – written, drawn, sung, spoken, signed and so on I also do a lot of timeline clearing on both an individual and collective level. I channel higher dimensional frequency codes (5D and up) and anchor them in the Third/Fourth Dimensional matrix construct and in doing so help raise the planetary frequency.

My main energetic imprint is of Rainbow Ray spectrum – I work very closely with a 9th Dimensional Pleiadian being version of myself and a 12th Dimensional Mantis being.

I have been coaching people for the past 4 years in helping them access their own psychic gifts and activating many to their own light language and higher multidimensional versions of selves.

My sessions will help with very deeply rooted trauma release and healing ancestral wounds on both an individual and collective level, I am also qualified to teach a wide range of energic tools that have been given to me to help raise the frequency of the planet towards the vibration of collective ascension – having been through my own extensive trauma and clearing it brings me immense joy and gratitude to be able to be of service in the highest of alignments.

I am classically Reiki trained and have been doing tarot readings and divination for the past 15 years – this combines with my Kundalini Yoga training has provided me with a basis and structure to eventually develop my craft into what it is now.

I am here to help the conscious collective ascend and to help you as an individual raise your frequency and really step into your power as an infinite being of love and light.

Let us guide as we learn from each other and co-create together new earth in the frequency of abundace and love.


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