JJ Brighton

JJ Brighton is a Galactic Channel, Light Language Mentor, Activation Guide and creator of the Multidimensional Soul Integration™ modality. Based in Los Angeles, California, JJ offers 1:1 and group activation experiences in her Cosmic Sanctuary near the beach, as well as facilitating a variety of virtual offerings, including a Starseed Gridwork Community. In fact, one of JJ’s greatest passions is Planetary Gridwork, and in 2023 she traveled to Hawaii, New Zealand, England, and NYC to support and activate the crystalline grid in those locations. JJ also dedicates a great deal of time to managing the schedules, sports games, laundry and the neverending “to-do list” of a large family with her partner of over 25 years, Michael. As a result, JJ is able to offer a beautiful blend of spirituality and grounded, “real-life” energy to all that she does.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Cosmic Dragons Conference