Neil Gaur
CEO & Founder, Portal To Ascension

I: A message from Neil: The Beginning of the Journey

I was brought up in a Hindu family, and while I outwardly followed the rituals and customs, I considered myself an atheist Hindu. As I entered University at Cal State Fullerton in 2000, my interactions with diverse individuals and exposure to various music genres sparked a transformative phase in my life. I started writing poetry, which eventually evolved into spoken word performances at open mic events in Orange County. My poetry expressed a deep sense of curiosity, questions, and a longing for spiritual connection and healing. There was an underlying feeling within me that something was missing or out of place in the world. It was during my freshman year in college that I stumbled upon videos featuring four individuals: Nassim Haramein, Jim Self, William Henry and Jordan Maxwell. These videos opened up a whole new world for me, leading me down intriguing paths of exploration. I then discovered the ancient Sumerian Civilization and stories of the Anunnaki. This discovery further led me to the works of Zachariah Sitchin and Erik von Daniken, who extensively researched the Sumerian Scriptures.

II: A Journey of Transformation

This newfound awareness brought me back to my religious roots, Hinduism, but with an entirely different perspective. I delved deep into the teachings, analyzing and dissecting every aspect. I noticed striking similarities between the information on vibration, quantum physics, and the universe found in the Sumerian Scriptures and the teachings of Hinduism. Vedic awareness spoke of the power of vibration, frequency, meditation, and holistic practices, aligning with the cosmic truths I discovered in the Sumerian Scriptures. It became evident to me that these hidden cosmic truths were embedded within the scriptures.

My mind was blown. I read translations of the Sumerian Scriptures that echoed the same stories found in other world religions. Astonishingly, these scriptures predated the stories found in religious texts by thousands of years. Moreover, these similar stories often referred to extraterrestrial beings. This realization led me to understand that many world religions shared common or identical stories with older traditions, and that they were, in fact, referring to extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional beings.

This newfound understanding resonated deeply with me, propelling me into a journey of exploration. I delved into the global conspiracies imposed on humanity and the corruption that is so deeply rooted in modern society, as well as an apparent disconnection that I observed in our world. I felt that we as a species were wandering aimlessly, allowing itself to be manipulated and controlled. This realization filled me with anger, as I felt deceived and lied to for my entire life. Everything I had known seemed wrong, although deep down, I had always sensed that something was amiss. I dwelled in the darkness for a while, experiencing fear and confusion, but I was determined to make a difference and help shift consciousness on our planet.

III: A Breakthrough

In 2006, after six years of intensive research, I created a Facebook group called “2012 Consciousness, Mind, Evolution, and Presence.” My intention was to find other seekers and share all the information I had gathered over the years. To my surprise, hundreds of people joined within months, and within a year, the group had grown to a few thousand members. In 2007, I had a paradigm shifting realization, and I changed the name of the group to “Consciousness: Evolution and Presence.” Later on, it transformed into “Cosmic Consciousness: Presence” before finally, in the summer of 2008, I had a dream in which I was received the name “Portal To Ascension”.

During that same summer, I was laid off from my job as a financial analyst, and I met a group of individuals who would become my soul family. It was in the summer of 2008 that Portal to Ascension was born, both in spirit and physicality, with a clear sense of direction. Shortly afterward, we organized our first event at a holistic center in Costa Mesa, California, called “Ginger’s Garden Wellness Center.” Since that moment until the present day, we have been creating groundbreaking events, culminating in many live conferences and workshops and 1000s of online events. Cosmic Reunion 2012 and Cosmic Reunion: Fourth Density were our first big conferences in Irvine, California, in 2012.

The journey of creating and evolving with Portal to Ascension has been an incredible ride of self-discovery, extremely challenges, discomfort, fear, ambition, passion, immense abouts of joy and adventure. Every time I veered away from what I incarnated to do and diverting my energy from Portal to Ascension, synchronicity led me back to this ‘work’. I now understand more than ever that this is my life’s mission. I am dedicated to bringing together brilliant minds and revolutionaries to inspire and raise awareness worldwide, shifting our reality towards unity, love, and unveiling each individual’s true potential.

We are at the beginning of a great awakening. This is the moment that has been prophesized for 1000s of years. We have the potential to create the world we wish to live in, and a part of that is the disclosure of inherent truths of our true ancient history, divine potential and connection to the stars. I am so excited to be on this journey with you and thank you so much for being here and a part of Portal to Ascension.


Neil Gaur

Portal to Ascension Founder / CEO

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