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Activating Next Level Manifestation With Yeshua's Ancient Holy Practices

Saturday, 06/17/2023 $33

Thousands of years ago ancient formulas for enlightenment and connection with the Divine Feminine Energies of Creation were used by Yeshua and the Holy Family. Not only were these ancient formulas employed to activate channels of high Divine energies through which the conditions for miracles would occur, these channels of energy were also used to support Yeshua at the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. While many know about Yeshuas "lost years" in India, most don't know the exact processes, proto...

Saryon Michael White: Remembering The Mystery Schools Of Egypt

Sunday, 06/18/2023 $33

Before the reign of the patriarchal pharaohs that formed the backbone of Dynastic Egypt, an Ancient Mystery School flourished that held the consciousness of the emerging civilization in balance and integrity with the sacred feminine. This was when the Pyramids and Temples were last used according to their true purpose as multidimensional conduits during a time when the Earth was in a special alignment with the stars. The Mystery School was part of the plan of the ancient survivors of Atlantis...

Laura Eisenhower: The Great Initiations

Saturday, 06/24/2023 $33

Join renowned speaker Laura Eisenhower as she delves into the profound planetary alignments and eclipses of 2023, bringing forth great initiations for humanity. In this captivating webinar, Laura will shine a light on the inverted psyops that aim to hijack the awakening process, empowering you with knowledge and insights to navigate the path of advancement. Discover how these alignments intertwine with timelines, bifurcation, and Pluto's transition into Aquarius. Explore the significance of t...

Unleashing The Secrets Of Atlantis 2 Day Conference

Saturday, 07/1/2023 $55

Unveil the Lost Origins: Explore the Atlantic Ocean's original identity as Atlantis Ocean, changed by the Romans during the Latinization of Europe. Discover the profound connection between the pillars of Gibraltar and the mythical gates of Hercules, opening a doorway to the mysteries of Atlantis. Awaken the Ancient Within: Rediscover the memories, wounds, and innate abilities we carry from Atlantis. Join us on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, as we exp...

Portals Of Ascension: The Science Of Stargates With Phil Gruber

Saturday, 07/8/2023 $33

Our evolutionary destiny and true purpose is, among other things, a physical mastery of the process of dimensional ascension, which is another way of saying multi-dimensional integration.  Ascension IS real.  It is a reality as a spiritual concept which implies that it is also a reality in physical terms. The Original Immortal Race of Humanity, known by many as the Turaneusiam, was created with the express purpose of being guardians and custodians of the Planetary Templar, the series of int...

ET Species Almanac: The 82 Extraterrestrial Species That Shape Our Universe

Sunday, 07/9/2023 $33

"The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac is the go to book on life in the universe." -- George Noory, Coast to Coast AM Embark on an extraordinary quest as we delve into the depths of the unknown. Discover the truth about the enigmatic extraterrestrial beings that inhabit our universe—both the benevolent entities seeking our growth and the malevolent forces harboring hidden agendas. Join Craig Campobasso, an esteemed ET enthusiast, on the ultimate journey through his groundbreaking field gui...

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