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Brad Olsen: The Lost History Of Our Pre-Diluvian Origins

Saturday, 2/24/2024 $33

The Piri Reis map, drawn in 1513, continues to astound researchers with its remarkable accuracy. It not only depicts the African and South American coastlines but also showcases a chain of islands off the coast of Antarctica—a continent that wasn't officially discovered until 1821. How could early maps depict islands that remain hidden beneath layers of ice, only now being unveiled by modern exploration? The implications are profound. Considering that these islands were last exposed before the...

Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity & The New Human

Sunday, 2/25/2024 $33

In this transformative online presentation join Honovi Strongdeer on an illuminating journey into the realm of Solar Consciousness, Synchronicity and the emergence of the “New Human”. SOLAR CONSCIOUSNESS is an ancient concept that has been explored in various spiritual and esoteric traditions. It encompasses the understanding of the Sun as a conscious, spiritual, angelic, and energetic force, representing higher states of consciousness, enlightenment, and divine wisdom. Have you ever f...

Extraterrestrial Genetic Discoveries & The Enigma Of Hybrid Beings

Saturday, 3/9/2024 $44

The veils have been lifted and more people are experiencing contact; and intuition has never been more accessible. With this vision and human experience we must learn the ins and outs of interdimensional and extraterrestrial contact. Our mastery over the physical navigation is key to usher in open contact. Could DNA hold the blueprint of inter-dimensional Experiences? Our DNA is a self organizing database of physical and non physical functions. We discuss the deep mechanisms of human DNA a...

Divine Neutrality Conference

Saturday, 3/23/2024 $55

Divine neutrality is a concept that suggests a state of being impartial and unbiased, as if guided by a higher power or divine force. In other words, it refers to a state of being free from personal biases or attachments, and allowing oneself to be open to all possibilities without being influenced by opinions or beliefs. The idea of divine neutrality is often associated with spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness, where individuals strive to achieve a state of pure awareness ...

Tim Tactics: 70 Years Of Unacknowledged Extraterrestrial Contacts

Saturday, 4/6/2024 $47

Tim Tactics, a Governance Expert from Europe, tells you where we stand right now—in a time where sightings become more regular and governments are almost openly admitting the existence of so-called "exotic lifeforms". The planet and you deserve to not be left behind, while the whole universe evolves. What we will explore Strange light phenomena in the skies over Europe. So called "Foo Fighters", believed to be just unknown human technology. New documents that talk about a crashed UF...

The Arcturians Conference

Sunday, 4/21/2024 $55

The Arcturian beings that connect with Earth and humanity are a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization. They are from the star system Arcturus, which is located in the constellation Boötes. These beings are evolved spiritually, technologically, and intellectually. These Arcturian beings are benevolent, peaceful, and highly intelligent entities that posses advanced knowledge in healing, energy manipulation, and consciousness expansion. Some who have had contact with Arcturians report ...

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