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Channeling The Divine Within: Embodying Sacred Energies For Transformation

Saturday, 9/30/2023 $33

Join us for a transformative journey into the realm of cosmic channeling and grounding, led by the renowned spiritual teacher, Marissa Starseeded. In this immersive workshop, you will learn how to become a channel for divine energy by invoking the deities through prayer and embodying their essence. Discover the power of connecting with different guides and invoking their wisdom into your own experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced channel, this event will provide you with valuab...

Akura: Reconnect With The Galactic Family

Saturday, 10/7/2023 $33

"I am AKURA, a starseed and since childhood I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and strongly connected with the cosmos. Since my childhood I saw various entities. I went the classical way like many starseeds and had to forget. For a long time I believed to be wrong. Many starseeds are plagued by this very issue: They feel very precisely, they have a strongly developed intuition but they often do not dare to listen to it anymore. This deep fear of not being understood accompanies many starseeds...

Astral Travel, Remote Viewing & Out Of Body Experiences

Saturday, 10/21/2023 $55

Ignite your limitless potential and tap into extraordinary abilities that have remained shrouded in secrecy until now. Join our exclusive online conference and immerse yourself in the world of astral travel, remote viewing, and out-of-body experiences. Gain superpower-like skills that will revolutionize your life, opening doors to unparalleled success and personal transformation. Imagine possessing the power to traverse space and time, exploring unseen dimensions, ancient civilizations, and d...

Viviane Chauvet: The Arcturian Stargate Workshop

Sunday, 10/22/2023 $44

Have you experienced the healing energy of the Arcturian Stargate? Viviane will conduct a group activation with her Arcturian delegation and our Stargate. Humanity is experiencing a profound cosmic awakening, which reconnect all of us to the Universe Pulse. We will work on enhancing your natural channels of communication with the Higher Self and Universal Consciousness. As we gain a better understanding of our inner spark as Supreme Beings, we access ancient soul wisdom. The Arcturian Stargate s...

The Physics Of Bliss

Saturday, 10/28/2023 $33

Embark on a mind-expanding journey into the realm of consciousness and spirituality with renowned physicist Dan Winter. In this captivating webinar, Dan Winter will delve into the fascinating interplay between physics, spirituality, and the mysteries of human experience. Discover the hidden secrets of the 'kesjahn' body, also known as the 'rainbow light body,' and unravel the enigmatic concept of 'the Vril' through the lens of modern electrical engineering. Brace yourself for an exploration of p...

Decoding Life's Blueprint Through Human Design

Sunday, 10/29/2023 $33

Human Design is a system of self-awareness that reveals your unique genetic strengths and illuminates how your environment shapes and influences your life's journey. In this workshop, we delve into the depths of Human Design—a transformative tool that seamlessly integrates the wisdom of the I Ching, Astrology, Kaballah, and the Chakras, creating a comprehensive vocabulary of conscious evolution that is rapidly spreading across the planet. This profound system equips you with powerful skills to...

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