A Secret Too Big to Expose? Hidden Toxins Ignored by the Mainstream

No matter who you are, you care about your health—almost everyone does. Heavy metals are a form of toxins that, in modern times, we’re discovering just how much they damage our health. From chronic pain, low energy, and many other problems, heavy metals are proven to be an undeniable contributor.

The more we learn about the powerful impact these substances have on our well-being, the more and more claims about how to deal with them come to the forefront. But how can we make sense of who to trust and what is the best way to deal with the situation?

I Want to Know

Like you, I care about the quality of my life. I want to be disease free, full of energy, motivation, and passion.

Like you, I’ve also come to realize that staying happy and healthy is within my control. As a matter of fact, our choices in life—like where we chose to live, what we choose to eat, and how we spend our time—determine our vitality, and happiness.

And like you, I want more answers.

I’m a researcher, scientist, philosopher, and creative at heart. I know how important true information is; how else can we navigate the challenges of life unless we have an accurate map of knowledge to guide us?

Well, as many of you know the more we learn about ourselves and the world, the more we realize how little we truly know.

And yet, I know we also realize with dedication, care, and persistence, we can even work with each other to gain freedom from fear and uncertainty.

In this respect, we’re going to do a deep dive, looking to understand what heavy metals are, how they affect our health, and we can do to detoxify them from our bodies and living spaces.

We need each other’s help.

Ultimately, I will report my research findings to add to the chorus of voices sounding the call for a restoration of common sense health practices. And so, I want to hear what you’ve heard. Let’s put all our perspectives on the table, along with scientists and product manufacturers, to see if we can make sense of this situation.

What do you know about heavy metals?

Where do they come from?

How do they come in contact with us?

What damage can they cause us and the environment?

What solutions are available to us right now?

Of course, like you, I’ve heard a lot about heavy metals recently. I’ve researched enough to know they are a problem and there are solutions. I’ve even offered some on my website. I thought I knew enough. But recently, through a conversation with a trusted friend and colleague who studies health for a living, I realized there was more to understand.

Personally, I have what some might call unreasonably high standards when it comes to proof, evidence, and claims. It takes a lot for me to feel 100% confident about something.

I did a lot of research on this about a year ago, when I started offering various solutions for my audience to consider. Now I want to go even deeper.

The Mainstream Take

As you probably know, we’re living in an age of snake oil salesman, corruption in science and the medical establishment, and untrustworthy regulators who are easily influenced by lobbyists and big industry interests.

Here is some information that comes to us from mainstream sources.

According to WebMD:

Heavy metals, like arsenic, lead, mercury, and others, are all around us. They’re in the ground we walk on, in the water we drink, and in the products we use every day.

Scientists group these elements based on their higher density, or atomic weights. Many heavy metals exist, including:

  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Zinc

Not all of these metals are bad for you. We need small amounts of some of them, such as copper and iron, to keep our bodies healthy.

WebMD also says “heavy metal poisoning is rare …” but that doesn’t mean small amounts can’t affect us negatively.  


Consider the fact that that the FDA says fluoride is safe to consume in drinking water [cite quote of what is safe] and yet places contradictory warnings on toothpaste.

Do you see the problem here?!?!?

If you don’t, not to worry.

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The normal reaction to contradictions made by authority is to assume you’re not smart enough to get it. That they know what they’re doing and we should just trust them, blindly. We all do this to some extent.

But I can’t let a contradiction like this go unaddressed. When two statements of fact conflict, it’s called a logical fallacy. When we’re compelled by authority to accept contradictions, this causes cognitive dissonance and anxiety. You can’t live a good life running on two different rule systems.

In common terms, if you claim that, for instance, 10 milligrams of arsenic is totally nontoxic and safe to consume, but then warn people later that 5 milligrams is toxic when consumed in toothpaste, these are logically inconsistent statements. They can’t both be true. Just like it can’t be night and day at the same time at the same location on the earth.

Why do you think they want us to believe in obvious contradictions??

Whatever is going on, we can certainly say that the word of medical officialdom can’t be blindly trusted. It doesn’t mean everything is a total lie. It just means some claims are untrue, either because of outright malevolence or bad thinking. It’s our job to learn how to spot the mistakes so as to avoid hazards in life.

Safe to Consume or Slowly Killing You?

In this case, what is the difference between heavy metal poisoning and a safe amount of exposure?

For instance, if I don’t die immediately from eating 10 milligrams of arsenic, does that mean 1 milligram is totally innocuous or safe? Or will this small amount cause problems in such away I won’t notice until later?

Let me ask that question again, because it’s critical to understand in order to remove the wool from our collective eyes, with regard to medical claims of safety.

Will exposure to certain substances be problematic to my health, even if the dose I receive doesn’t poison me right away? Are their long-term costs safety professionals don’t consider, but we should?

The answer to this question might surprise you. I know it surprised me.

Years ago, before I started my crusade to understand the true causes of disease, I believed as long as something didn’t kill me right away, it was safe and nonthreatening. But the reality isn’t so simple. It turns out toxins accumulate! And just because you don’t have health symptoms right now doesn’t mean your environment is healthy. By the time health symptoms arise, it means that you have accumulated many toxins over many years, and it will take effort to clean you out and recover your health.

Think of it like this.

If I run a bath, and put a plug in the drain, when should we be worried about it overflowing? If the water flows in quickly, it will overflow quickly. If it flows very slowly, you might have to wait a few hours before it starts making a mess.

Logically, it makes sense to say that both situations will lead to a problem, unless we intervene. It’s obviously not right to assume the slow flowing situation is completely safe, because eventually, it will overflow. In sum, a problematic situation will always lead to problems, unless intervention takes place. The fact you can’t see the symptoms doesn’t mean a problem isn’t building up—this is what mainstream medicine seems to miss, in a lot of ways.

“Safe” to Consume Toxins That Slowly Destroy Our Health

There are hosts of substances we interact with almost everyday that cause long term problems.

If you ate arsenic in low doses, it won’t kill you instantly, but it will toxify your body nonetheless. There are other substances we have accepted in modern-life that are not good for us.

In another example, heating food above 170º F creates what are called Heat Induced Food Toxicants, which are compounds that form from healthy substances during the cooking process. Even the best organically grown food can become toxic under the right conditions!

These and other toxins build up in the body, taxing your digestive and immune system, eventually leading to autoimmune and inflammation diseases, and a host of other issues.

Here’s another so-called safe toxin: mercury.

Vaccine manufacturers use it, called Thiomersal, to stimulate the immune system to produce the temporary immunity effect imparted by vaccines. The levels of mercury within vaccines isn’t enough to kill you, but just like with the other toxins we’ve covered it stays in the body, causing chronic health problems.

What’s more, conventional farming additives, like pesticides and artificial fertilizers, often contain mercury compounds that make their way into heavily processed food stuffs, like high fructose corn syrup.

And then there are environmental sources of mercury, from fluorescent lightbulbs to modern technology, which leak into water supplies we bath and drink from.

Thus, looking only at any one source, one isn’t exposed to killer levels, but through slow accumulation and multiple exposure, we can absorb unsafe levels. More and more studies are being done that suggest even the smallest amounts of mercury can cause problems… it just won’t kill you right away.

And these are just toxins mainstream science and medicine acknowledges! There are many others yet to be taken seriously. Why these industries have become so corrupt is a is a whole other can of worms. In the face of everything we’ve covered, it cannot be denied that there are blind spots within the trusted expert sources we’ve come to rely on.

The Business of Health

Finally, consider the business side of health.

Producers and manufacturers have to make products that are safe, as required by law, fleshed out as industry code regulations enforced by institutions like the FDA. These rules are often made before we truly understood the impact of substances on health and the environment. They need to be updated once more understanding emerges but often no updates are issued.

Consider that lead paint was widely used for decades, acknowledged as toxic, and only recently did laws change to fit the new understanding. And even here, it can be argued that in places like Flint Michigan, the laws still haven’t changed enough to protect our health.

Why does this happen?

Frankly, it’s corruption.

Reforming entire industries once we know more about their health impact costs money, time, and most importantly, prestige. Through complicit action on the part of regulators, lobbyists have rigged the system so that harmful substances and practices can continue on, hurting we-the-people in the process.

As a matter of fact, most big corporations weigh doing the right thing against their bottom-line, wherein they would rather pay out court settlements to injured people, pay fines, and avoid justice through the legal system. For instance, for years, Ford Motors knew that the Pinto would explode into flames if hit the right way during an accident, killing the people inside. But they never issued a recall because it cost them less to settle out of court.

Let me say that again for emphasis.

Ford let people die and risked the lives of their “valued customers” because doing the right thing was less profitable.

What happened when Ford was exposed? Nothing. It was legal. And this type of “legal” corruption happens all the time. Consider the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which allows vaccine manufactures to avoid lawsuits, because they were granted legal immunity. In short, the existing legal powers aren’t working to protect people as we should expect. They mostly work to protect corporate interests.

Do you think we have established that questioning officialdom about heavy metals is a good idea?

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