Antarctica Mystery: Chilean Military Plane Goes Missing

A Chilean military plane mysteriously went missing yesterday, on its way to Antarctica, home to nine different bases.

Seven hours after the plane went missing, the Chilean Air Force declared it a loss, unable to offer any explanation about where it went or what happened.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 38 crew members and passengers of the FACh (Air Force) C-130 plane,” Chilean President Sebastian Piñera wrote on Twitter.


Weather conditions were favorable when the plane took off from Punta Arenas.

Contact was lost with the plane at 6:13 pm.

According to the Associated Press, The C-130 Hercules carried 17 crew members and 21 passengers.

Three of the passengers were civilians, one 24-year-old who was working on a research project and two others on an undisclosed mission for a private company.

Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil offered assistance to the Chilean government in their search for the lost plane.

Gen. Eduardo Mosqueira of the Fourth Air Brigade relayed to local media that the search for the plane was underway.

Gen. Mosqueira added that a ship was in the area when the plane went down. And that he has flown several times to the southernmost continent on flights with one of the missing pilots.

While no mention of anything suspicious occurred during the media coverage, several researchers and whistleblowers claim that Antarctica is home to dozens of military bases tasked with advanced Secret Space Program research.

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