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Our 5th annual Portal to Ascension Conference was last month in April! It was truly epic and we want to share with you some of the highlights and images. Quite a few people literally said to me it was the best event they have ever attended and another person said the environment we created was the safest he has ever felt in his entire life. My heart is filled with gratitude. Mission accomplished for that one, we will be back next year in San Diego as well.

One thing that was unexpected was that we were covered by local news stations. It was interesting to observe how they covered us and their genuine lack of knowledge around the subject of UFOs and consciousness. My understanding is that mainstream news media is so corrupt that they cannot do these topics full justice, but I was pleasantly surprised by meeting the crew that they really were interested in what we were doing. I’ve been told that local news does not operate with the same rules as the federal MSM. They thought they were coming for UFOs but they got a huge dose of consciousness, ancient history and energy healing. We were on KPBS and CBS San Diego! Below are 3 videos for you and images from the 3 day conference.

Portal to Ascension on KPBS

Portal to Ascension on CBS

Conference Highlights Video


AND…. drum roll please…. the 2nd part of the email subject says we are back!! Because after the cocooning phase and huge transformations we are ready to take off once again with so many amazing events that are created and curated to uplift humanity so we can reclaim our sovereignty and shift into the next octave. The next email will be the first email sharing an event on our new website!! What a journey it has been. I listed a few of our upcoming gatherings below… including the largest conference ever specifically on Atlantis… 2 days in July. We will also be doing some no charge gatherings in July as well, such as the annual UFO Disclosure Conference, and a poetry reading from my new book that was just released, you can check it out HERE.

Love you all,

Neil Gaur


PS: We will be sending you all a new welcome email introducing the new website soon; as well as an email listing of many gatherings we have coming up this year online <3 Click here for the list of our online events

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