Evidence the Moon May be an Artificial Structure or Artificially Positioned

Every living being on Earth has some sort of connection to the moon. Whether as a child you saw it in the night sky and pondered it’s celestial nature or if you are aware that it regulates cycles on the planet and has a connection to female fertility and menstrual cycles. The moon’s gravitational forces affect the tides of our oceans during the course of a month dependent on its distance and position from the Earth. Scientists have stated that the Moon is also a stabilizer of our Axis, keeping us at a tilt between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees. This tilt changes slightly about every 40,000 years. The necessity for the moon and its role in maintaining life on our planet seems apparent; but was there a time when the moon did not exist? And are their any lunar anomalies that maybe aren’t as common as we think they are; since we have been raised from birth with the normality of this structure being in our skies.

In this article I will remain as objective as possible in order to not make wild claims to prove any point. Much of the research for this article has come from scientific studies; as well as, ancient scriptures (in regards to the Mythological connection). If you have any evidence or information that can increase the value and data in this article please do share it with us through our contact page.

Theories on how the moon was formed:

The key to the exploration of how the moon formed is to realize that these are called theories for a reason. There is no definite answer that has been proven without a reasonable double.

The “Giant Impact” Theory: The most conventional of all the theories. Earth in its adolescence had no moon and at some point a rogue planet, that was larger than Mars, struck the Earth. This vaporized a large portion of the Earth and a cloud of over 13,700 miles went up into space, solidifying in particles that began orbiting the Earth. These eventually coalesced into larger objects and eventually became the moon

The Capture: The moon was formed alongside another planetary body and Earth’s gravitational pull captured it. This theory is not widely accepted since the Earth and the moon have similar chemical make ups; suggesting that their formations are related in some way.

Fission: The rapidly moving Earth during its formative years creating a spin off of molten rock into space that created the moon. This theory is also not as widely accepted since scientists say the Earth could not have spun fast enough to create a huge blob of molten rock in space.

While doing research for this article to attempt to provide supporting evidence that suggests the moon may be an artificial structure or even a natural structure artificially placed in the position it is in, I ended up discovering that many of the claims for the moon being artificial are actually not true and do not have enough evidence to support it. So before we go into the anomalies here are some of the claims that through immense research I feel are not entirely true:

Claims Made That May Not Be True:

Some theories have been claimed about the moon to prove that it is an artificial structure that are not based on fact and evidence. In order not to be ridiculed by the world and be taken seriously, we have to fact check and do our own research. Here are some claims that have been made about moon anomalies that aren’t true

  1. The Moon’s rocks are older than Earth rocks; therefore, the moon was created before and could be artificial.
    • Earth has tectonic plate movement and constant volcanic activity. The Earth’s crust is constantly being regenerated. The moon is not anywhere as dynamic as the movement occurring on Earth.
  1. All the moon’s craters are the same depth so it must be a hollowed out space structure with a hard shell.
    • Any research into this will show that the moon has many craters at different depths. The only evidence to show that there may be the same depth comes from websites that are questionable and do not show any scientific evidence. The deepest crater is at the South Pole which is 8.1 miles in depth. The theory that when you observe the moon from the Earth they all look the same depth is not valid since you cannot truly judge depth from this distance.
  1. Uranium 236 exists on the moon which is a radioactive substance that can only be man made; therefore, the moon must have had nuclear reactors or been nuclear explosions in the past.

Even with the above being the case the moon’s existence is definitely abnormal compared to the rest of the observable Solar System and Universe. Let’s delve into these anomalies and into ancient scriptures to try and figure it out…

Evidence it’s not like other moons:

The question is why are we even discussing the moon being a foreign object or even possibly artificial if we see moons / satellites all over our solar system and some planets like Jupiter have multiple moons. Therefore, moons are common right? And since we are a smaller planet we only have one? To explore this lets break down the properties of our Moon.

Anomaly 1:

On Nov 19th, 1969 NASA deliberately crashed their Lunar Module into the moon that struck with a force of one ton of TNT. The shock waves built to a peak in eight minutes and continued for almost an hour. On April 14th the following year the S-IVB struck the moon with a force equivalent to 11.5 tons of TNT and NASA scientists commented that, “the moon rang like a bell”. This implied that the makeup of the Moon’s interior is not like the Earth or other celestial bodies and have had many speculate that this shows that the Moon’s interior may actually be hollow.

Anomaly 2:

All 3 moon origin theories have inconsistencies that have even made scientists wonder the purpose and existence of the moon. Dr. Robin Brett, a NASA scientist who studied the moon, is quoted to have said, “All three theories have weaknesses. The composition of the returned lunar samples makes it difficult to derive them from anything like the composition of the earth’s mantle. This, therefore, makes the fission theory extremely unlikely. And if the moon was formed as an identical twin planet with the same composition as the earth’s mantle, the same argument applies against that theory. The capture theory presents difficulties in celestial mechanics and is regarded as statistically fairly improbable.” So, concluded Dr. Brett, “It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence.” Dr. Brett, also known as the first man on Earth to lick a moon rock, seemed to believe that it is easier to prove that the moon should not exist than the fact that it does.

Anomaly 3:

The moon is the fifth largest moon in the Solar System and the largest satellite of a planet in our Solar System relative to the size of its planet. This is an anomaly due to the geometry, distance and size being disproportionate or not in alignment with what we see on any other planet in our Solar System.

Anomaly 4:

The moon is in the perfect position to provide a full eclipse of our Sun. This is extremely rare since no other planet’s satellite can do this. This has led some researchers to suggest that the moon was perfectly placed in the position it is in to have this affect on our planet.

Note: There are additional anomalies of the moon, but due to the lack of distinct scientific evidence I will not speculate on it in this article.

When a scientist spend enough time observing the moon and its properties some red flags and questions have to arise, such as with Dr. Brett of NASA. Ancient civilizations from all over the world have spoken of the moon and how it was created in their own scriptures. Let’s take a look at a couple of moon origin stories and see if we can find any connection to the anomalies above.

Ancient Moon Origin Stories:

Many ancient cultures have believed the moon is a hollowed out egg like structure that was rolled across the sky. Zulu mythology speak of this story in which two brothers Wowane and Mpanku, who were the leaders of a race of Reptilian Celestial Beings, brought the moon to Earth in this manner 100’s of generations ago. They were known as the water brothers (coincidentally the moon affects Earth’s tides / oceans) and had scaly skin.

In other ancient cultures the stories of the two brothers and their connection to bringing the moon to the Earth is abundant. In Greek Mythology it was Zeus and Poseidon and in Sumerian & Mesoptamian scriptures, Enlil and Enki. The story of the moon’s origin in the Sumerian Tablets depicts Enlil seducing the goddess Ninlil and raping her when his advanced were refused forcing her to give birth to the moon goddess Nanna. The gods banished Enlil to the underworld and Ninlil followed him. This was going to doom Nanna for being in the underworld forever; so Enlil disguised himself three times in order to escape the underworld and impregnate Ninlil each time to send a baby to the underworld instead of Nanna. Ninlil reluctantly agreed to have sex with Enlil each time with the understanding that it was Nanna’s (the moon goddesses) purpose to be in the heavens. Nannas other name was ‘Sin’ which is a direct connection to the underworld, the concept of sin today and the dark side of the moon which is symbolism of the darkside of humanity.

The Japanese creation myth speaks of two gods, Izanagi and Izanami, that placed a daughter in the sky to become to moon. The Japanese story has components of both the Zulu and Sumerian scriptures.

As we can see many ancient cultures created personified and metaphorical stories to explain the existence of the moon. However, there are a few commonalities that connect them all: two gods being responsible for its creation, it was placed there by other worldly beings and in many cases it is hollowed out. Some scriptures even show the positioning and placement of the moon to scale in their scriptures, (such as the Sumerian text) which we have only rediscovered in the modern age. To refer back to the Zulu text, it was believed that the moon being rolled across the sky created cataclysmic events on Earth that ended a “Golden Age” of the past. This concept of a golden age ties into almost every ancient text that speaks of a time where humanity lived in harmony with the planet and the cosmos.

Esoteric Connection:

OK now here is the real question. What does this all mean and why is this important? What was once fringe information and could be considered conspiracies about the moon’s existence seem to be entering the mainstream narrative. Additionally, well established and respected academics are coming to similar conclusions as independent researchers and ancient scriptures that have striking similarities to what we are discovering now using modern technology.

Firstly, how did these ancient civilizations discover mathematical geometrical connections to the cosmos and the moon; as well as, in detail theories of how the moon arrived in the position it is in. And secondly, what can the global realization and acceptance of these anomalies mean for our research on the moon and origin of humanity. Is there an Extraterrestrial component to this? Is the moon is artificial and hollowed out or was it artificially placed where it is… or both. The evidence suggests that these could be the case.

Ancient scriptures do not just provide metaphoric stories of where the moon came from; they also speak of the positioning of the moon having an affect on human consciousness. We know the moon affects our seasons, tides, emotions, women’s menstrual cycles, the Earth’s tilt, the length of our days and nights and much more; so the connection and role the moon plays on our daily existence cannot be denied. If this structure was placed there by an advanced race of beings was it to intentionally affect our existence so that we can have specific experiences on Earth?

Metaphysical awareness suggests that we exist in a frequency range that allows for certain experiences to occur and limits abilities that we as humans have innately programmed in our DNA. Some researchers and spiritualists refer to these frequency ranges as dimensions or densities. There is a possibility that the moon has been designed to maintain and hold Earth within this frequency and as time progresses and humanity’s consciousness evolves the moon takes on different roles. The Zulu tribe, Greek Mythology, Kabalistic Text, Chinese Scriptures, Vedic Awareness and many other ancient cultures, have said that before the moon was put into the position it is, Earth was in a Golden Age. Vedic text calls this age the Kali Yug or the Dark Age and we are now heading towards the bronze age and inevitably back to a Golden Age. This implies that the frequency of experience on Earth was at a different level allowing for us to be in harmony with all creation and upon the moon’s arrival we fell into the dark ages.

This spiritual concept is mirrored in religious scriptures all over the world. What is the moon and why is it here? We can only speculate and observe its beauty and the pre-historic story and journey that it has taken. One day I feel that we will know the truth behind the moon and for all we know the truth is hidden on the surface of it… or below the surface… as we speak. As we advance and hidden truths begin to be disclosed to the world; there will be a time when much of this information is known to us. The origins of humanity are far more cosmic than most may realize. The time to embrace this awareness is now and for these anomalies to no longer be taboo subjects to bring up in the mainstream. This is the world we will create… I write this only a few days after the Dec 12th at 12:12AM full moon in 2019. The last full moon of the decade and, I believe, a perfect time to release this article as we bring in a new decade of full disclosure, unity, transparency and love.

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